Fall Ranch Roping

This time of year brings cooler mornings, falling leaves, and longer nights. But just because the days are shorter doesn’t mean the workload is lighter on the ranch. There are pairs to gather, wean, and ship – and of course a (couple) dozen donuts to eat on shipping day. At some point, a cowboy just has to take his rope down and shake out a loop, though.

That’s what Dan Iveson has been doing lately on his ranch in Nevada. He’s stirrup-deep in the fall works, aided by his three teenaged kids. Chances are good that Dan, Austin, Falen, and Samantha are all mounted on horses they’re training for future sale to the public.

“We like to use all our horses on the ranch as well as in the arena,” said Dan. “Ranch roping helps give them a solid foundation for team roping.”

Here, Dan heels a big calf in the branding pen.

In addition to branding their own stock, the Iveson family enjoys helping neighboring ranches with their fall works as well. Nevada winters are long, cold, and kinda mean, so folks up there look forward to any chance to meet up and visit. Especially if donuts are involved.

In addition to ranch roping, the fall works offer ample opportunity for logging in lots of outside miles gathering cattle.

Long miles spent looking at the back end of a cow is great for the mind of a horse.

The fall works are naturally followed by winter, when the team roping world converges on Wickenburg, Arizona. Dan plans to spend the season at his roping camp in nearby Wittmann. He has RV hookups, live cattle, a sled, and a full schedule of pros lined up to coach the ropers. He looks forward to roping and giving lessons daily. Campers will enjoy potlucks, barbeques, warm weather, stunning sunsets, and as many jackpots as they can enter.

“It will be a good time,” said Dan. “The fall works are fast and furious, then we get to kick back for the winter in Arizona.”

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